On June 18,
Canada needs
a yes.

Approving the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion is a vote for economic growth and national unity. Canada needs the Prime Minister and federal cabinet to say YES to the TMX pipeline.

Yes to TMX
pipeline June 18

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion means:

  • Thousands of jobs for Canadians from coast to coast
  • Billions in tax revenue to support Canada's enviable way of life
  • Opening up new markets for our most valuable resource
  • Showing the world we're capable of getting nation-building projects done

We can't afford more delays.

It’s not too late to do the right thing on Bill C-69

Without the Senate’s amendments, Bill C-69 will drive away more jobs and investment from Canada. It is a matter of restoring international confidence in Canada at a time when our reputation as a place to invest is at risk. It is not too late for the federal government, the House and the Senate to do the right thing and sustain the Senate’s amendments.

Yes to TMX
pipeline June 18