What TMX means for BC

TMX means billions of new revenue for governments, businesses, and communities in BC. Right now, over 30,000 British Columbians commute to high-paying oil and gas jobs in Alberta and Saskatchewan – paying income and sales taxes in BC. There are also currently more than 700 companies in BC that supply goods and services to the oil and gas sector. That’s an economic engine that generates prosperity throughout BC's economy.


TMX will bring BC:

5,400 new jobs during construction
1,300 new full-time shipping jobs
$125 million more every year into the Lower Mainland economy
$5.7 billion more in provincial revenues


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TMX - Benefits

What TMX means for Canada

Once the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline is expanded, Canadians can expect more of what this valuable piece of nation-building infrastructure already brings. Much, much more. Billions more into the Canadian economy, more prosperity for Canadians coast to coast, more money for provincial and federal governments to continue to spend on the projects Canadians need to continue to enjoy an enviable quality of life.

  1. More value for Canadian oil on the world market
  2. $21.6 billion more to fund federal programs
  3. Millions more to fund the development of renewable energy sources and technologies needed to continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

What TMX means for the world

Expanding Trans Mountain means the world will have access to more of the most ethically produced, extremely competitively priced oil on the planet. No other country produces oil to the environmental and regulatory standards and carbon emissions rules found in Canada.

Canada’s oil and gas sector is also one of the largest drivers of technological advancements from wireless sensor networks and artificial intelligence to environmental technologies such as sustainable water treatment and air quality monitoring systems.

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Let’s continue to fight for our energy industry.